We invite submission on all aspects of modal logic, including:

Papers on related subjects will also be considered.

Special sessions

AiML 2012 will host three special sessions. Papers for each of them should be submitted to the EasyChair site in the same way as other papers.

Special session on hybrid logic

Hybrid logic is an extension of modal logic which allows us to refer explicitly to states of the model in the syntax of formulas. There will be a special session of AiML 2012 devoted to papers on hybrid logic.

The scope of the special session is standard hybrid-logical machinery like nominals, satisfaction operators, and the downarrow binder, but also other extensions of modal logic can be considered.

Special session in honour of Larisa Maksimova

There will be a special session of AiML devoted to papers and talks in honour of Larisa Maksimova, in recognition of her many outstanding contributions to modal logic.