FIRST Autumn School on Modal Logic (PHOTOS)

November 10-11 2009

The goal of the Autumn School on Modal Logic is to prepare PhD students and other researchers for participation in the sixth workshop Methods for Modalities (M4M-6) which takes place November 12-14 2009 in Copenhagen. The workshop Methods for Modalities aims to bring together researchers interested in developing proof tools and decision methods based on modal logics. Here the term "modal logics" is conceived broadly, including description logic, guarded fragments, conditional logic, temporal and hybrid logic, etc. The first M4M workshop took place in Amsterdam in 1999. Since then, M4M workshops have taken place in 2001 (Amsterdam), 2003 (Nancy), 2005 (Berlin), and 2007 (Paris). See Methods for Modalities for more information on the workshop series, in particular, see why modal logic is important for computer science. A goal of having M4M in Denmark is to strengthen Danish research in reasoning methods for modal logics, which is a growing area of foundational and increasingly computational importance.

The Autumn School on Modal Logic is open to anyone interested. The intended participants will have a general background in theoretical computer science, but wish to obtain more concrete knowledge on modal logic and its computational aspects. Besides a working knowledge of English, prerequisites are a basic knowledge of logic and mathematics that is usually covered in undergraduate classes on discrete mathematics.

Courses and lecturers


Tuesday November 10

Wednesday November 11

Autumn school dinner

The autumn school dinner will take place Tuesday November 10 at 19.00 in the restaurant Zeleste on Store Strandstræde 6. Zeleste is located in the city center of Copenhagen, right next to Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn. To get there, take the metro to the station "Kongens Nytorv". From there you simply cross the big square (Kongens Nytorv) to where you can see the water (Nyhavn). There you will find the street Store Strandstræde on which the restaurant is located. See the following map for details:

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We will be treated with a 3 course menu including wine and followed by coffee. The main course will be duck, which is a Danish tradition on November 10. November 10 is Mortensaften (St. Martin's Eve). In Denmark, St. Martin's Day (November 11) is usually not celebrated, but the night before is. It has been a Danish tradition for at least 300 years to serve goose or duck on this evening. This is because, according to the legend, St. Martin was reluctant to become bishop, so he hid in a stable filled with geese. The noise made by the geese betrayed his location to the people who were looking for him (not such a clever place to hide after all, was it?). See Wikipedia for more information about St. Martin's Eve/Day in Denmark and around the world.

Diploma and credits

A diploma will be available to all PhD students succesfully completing the course. Succesful completion requires presence and active participation. The course yields 2.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

Venue, accommodation, and travelling

The school takes place at the IT University of Copenhagen (close to the venue of M4M-6, which is the IDA Conference Center). Both venues are within walking distance from the city center of Copenhagen. The autumn school takes place in the room of the IT University called the "Scrollbar".

The IT University of Copenhagen is located 3 km from Copenhagen Central Station. To get directions on how to get there on foot from the central station, click here. Alternatively, one can take an S-train from the central station to Nørreport Station, and then the Metro from Nørreport Station to the station "DR Byen/Universitetet".

Further travelling information and information concerning accommodation can be found at the M4M-6 home page.


Registration is via the M4M-6 registration page. The FIRST Research School covers the registration fee for all PhD students affiliated with FIRST (but registration is required in any case). Registration deadline: November 5th.


Thomas Bolander, Technical University of Denmark,

Torben Braüner, Roskilde University,

Carsten Schürmann, IT University of Copenhagen,

Torben Braüner is main organizer of the school and can be contacted for more information. The Autumn School on Modal Logic is supported by the FIRST Research School and the project Hybrid Logic, Computation, and Reasoning Methods (HYLOCORE).