Hybrid Logic, Computation, and Reasoning Methods (HYLOCORE)

The HYLOCORE project is a continuation of the highly successful project HyLoMOL (2005--2008). The goal of HYLOCORE is twofold:
  1. To explore and devise formal proof procedures--reasoning methods--for hybrid logics and their extensions, continuing the research and international research collaboration initiated in the project HyLoMOL.
  2. To strengthen Danish research in reasoning methods for hybrid logic and other extended modal logics. This is a growing area of foundational and increasingly computational importance.

Danish participants

Thomas Bolander (Technical University of Denmark)

Torben Braüner (Roskilde University)

Valentin Goranko (Technical University of Denmark)

Jens Ulrik Hansen (Roskilde University)

International collaborators

Carlos Areces (INRIA, France)

Patrick Blackburn (INRIA, France)

Guillaume Hoffmann (INRIA, France)

The HYLOCORE project is funded by the Danish Natural Science Research Council (2009 - 2013) with Braüner as principal investigator.



Peer-reviewed papers

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